TPX was established by a team of experts from the blockchain, finance and game industries.  The firm’s mission is to contribute to the advancement of the Web3 focusing on the accelerating blockchain services, which has potential for mass adoption.


Our investment philosophy is based on the principal of mutual growth between our firm and our “partner” firms.  We look for opportunities to deepen our relationship with our “partner” firms by offering advice, network access to firms, and capital commitments.  Furthermore, the firm’s collective expertise in Web3 space will be an invaluable asset for our partners’ mass adoptions goals. 


The investment teams at TPX and ELJOVI ST, have extensive experience in the blockchain industry, dating back to 2016.   Traded over $6 bln notional value per month in the secondary market and made principal investment into twenty plus companies via equity and token investments. 

Investment type





Playdapp,  Mixmarvel, EOS,  TODAQ,   Hanbitco,   bulldax ,   Alphanonce,  CRUST,   

Reef , Paralink,  Bridge Mutual,  RAI finance,  Darwinia,  Chainflip,  Sifchain,  Parami ,   Torus 

MVLchain , Zodium , Wowswap, Ludena

TPX lab 

is a partner of TPX sharing the same vision "Web3 mass adoption." TPX lab is founded by a team of creators and developers to research,create and develop NFTs, Metaverse and Blockchain games. TPX lab has extensive network of digital artists and Influencers and support them to on board Web3 ecosystem powered by blockchain technology.

TPX lab's vision is to build on Web3 with creators and artists. 

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Hyunseung Martin Seo 
Sunga Sophie Kim 
Eunho Robert Lee 
  • Palmple Inc., CEO, Mobile Game Publishing Company

  • NHN(NAVER) Game Business, Director

  • NCSOFT, Business Strategy, Director

  • Neowiz, Strategy and New Business, Director

  • SNU, Computer Engineering Dept., Bechelor

  • SNU, Media and Infiormation Dept., Master

  • Leading blockchain evangelist in Korea since 2015

  • Chairwoman of Exchange Committee at Korea Blockchain Association 

  • Cryptocurrency Policy advisor

  • Co-founder of Hanbitco Exchange 

  • Former PM at Korbit Exchange 

  • BankerStreet PE CMO

  • Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Director

  • ICAP North America Asia fund Director

  • Credit Suisse, Derivatives Dept., Director

  • Goldman Sachs(Asia) LLC Director

  • University of Michigan, Bachelor of Economics